The CivaSheet can be ordered in custom prescription strengths to provide radiation therapy for sarcoma cancers. Images shown here are of a CivaSheet implanted in a 37 year old male patient with recurrent retroperitoneal liposarcoma. Patient had one prior surgery and external radiation. Patient received CivaSheet during second surgery. Patient was followed for at least 3 months with imaging. The CivaSheet did not migrate and the shape of the implant remained stable. The patient did not have a recurrence in the area treated by the CivaSheet.

Benefits of CivaSheet for Retroperitoneal Sarcoma:

  • Shielding protects sensitive bowel tissue from radiation damage and side effects
  • In-built shielding allows the prescription of higher therapeutic doses compared to other treatments
  • No radiation catheters or return visits for treatment
  • Safely and effectively treats surgical margins