Pancreatic cancer is a difficult disease to treat effectively with other forms of radiation due to the close proximity of sensitive, critical healthy structures. Surgical resection is recommended for all pancreatic cancer patients who can tolerate the procedure. Unfortunately due to the aggressive nature of the disease, a significant percentage of patients will experience local recurrence of the cancer after surgery. The unique CivaSheet can be implanted in pancreatic cancer patients during surgical resection (often called a whipple procedure) to address local recurrence by delivering a highly targeted, increased dose of radiation directly to the tumor site.

CivaSheet benefits for patients with Pancreatic Cancer:

  • No increase in side effects or toxicity observed in initial patients treated with CivaSheet
  • Physicians may safely deliver a significantly higher dose of radiation to patients than with existing standard of care external beam treatment method alone
  • Increase in radiation with CivaSheet may reduce the chances a patient experiences cancer recurrence

CivaSheet is FDA cleared for the pancreatic cancer application. A multi-center NIH sponsored study is currently underway to investigate the benefits of CivaSheet for patients with pancreatic cancer. Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA, Honor Health in Phoenix, Arizona, Rush Medical Center in Chicago, IL, Advocate Healthcare in Chicago, IL, and LSU in New Orleans, LA are currently recruiting patients.

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