CivaTech congratulates Dr. Krisha Howell and Dr. Josh Meyer on achieving outstanding success for Sarcoma patients at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. Fox Chase CC is performing groundbreaking clinical trials using the novel radiotherapy device, CivaSheet to treat Sarcoma Cancers and Pancreatic Cancer.

CivaTech Products

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Discusses CivaSheet Implant

Innovating Localized Radiation Therapy

CivaTech Oncology® designs innovative products that bring meaningful improvements to low dose rate brachytherapy. The CivaString® and CivaSheet® can substantially reduce procedure time, provide homogeneous dose distribution and minimize trauma. Customizable CivaTech products insure that radiation oncologists can deliver individualized, targeted therapy to treat cancer.
CivaTech Oncology’s New Skin Cancer Therapy Product Receives FDA Clearance


For Patients

Patients being treated for prostate and other cancers may benefit from the implantation of CivaTech’s unique low dose rate brachytherapy sources, available as CivaString and CivaSheet.

For Professionals

CivaTech’s novel CivaString and CivaSheet seamlessly integrate into current clinical workflows,  beginning with your usual imaging modalities, through treatment planning, and ending with post-implant dosimetry.

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