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Gold is Cold

The implantable CivaSheet® low dose rate (LDR) source is the only membrane-like brachytherapy device that is truly customizable to a specific patient’s condition and offers a unidirectional option to shield healthy tissue. For the first time, radiation oncologists have a configurable, planar LDR array that offers dose distribution on one side.


See how CivaSheet® can be used to treat various types of lung cancer

CivaSheet® features a flexible, bioabsorbable substrate embedded with radioactive palladium, available custom-shielded to provide unidirectional radiation emission, that can also be custom-sized within the operating room. Integrative shielding offers clinicians the ability to treat cancerous tissue while also protecting surrounding healthy tissue.

Physicians have used the CivaSheet® for numerous indications such as colorectal, gynecological, head and neck, soft tissue sarcomas and pancreatic cancer. Potential indications include non-small-cell lung cancer, ocular melanoma, atypical meningioma, etc.


Dr. George Paschal Discusses the CivaSheet®