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The CivaSheet®

Figure 1: Kaplan-Meier plot presenting disease-free survival in CivaSheet (blue) and non-CivaSheet (red) patients.

Profound Improvement for Pancreatic Cancer Patients Using CivaSheet®, a New Radiation Device

CivaTech Oncology Inc., announces CivaSheet® significantly boosts outcomes for borderline resectable and locally advanced pancreatic cancer patients. CivaSheet, an implantable, targeted, shielded radiation device delivers an aggressive dose immediately to the pancreas region following surgical resection. Studies have been conducted in multi-institutional settings, garnering support from the NIH/NCI and SBIR programs. This is the first analysis of outcomes from one of the participating institutions.

The CivaString®

Unique Polymer Encapsulation

All radioactive seeds are encapsulated in metal; CivaString® is unique in its polymer encapsulation. CivaString® fits into the current brachytherapy seed regimen for treating prostate and other localized cancers; however, the product’s properties are being advantageously used to generate new, customized treatment plans, shown to improve and nearly eliminate early and late stage toxicities.

CivaString treatment plans offer several advantages for the radiation oncologist, medical physicist and patient. CivaString® treatment pre-plans have been shown to reduce the number of needles, therefore reducing or eliminating any common toxicities. Clinical trials have shown that patients return to their baseline sexual and urinary functions more quickly. Patients reaching 5 years are showing virtually no late stage toxicities.

The CivaDerm