The CivaString® seamlessly integrates into current clinical paradigms. From imaging to post-implant dosimetry, the CivaString works well with standard 18 gauge brachytherapy needles, imaging modalities and treatment planning tools. The gold markers in a CivaString are readily visualized in ultrasound and CT images. The CivaStrings are MRI compatible and the polymer surface can be visualized on MRI images.

CivaStrings offer:

  • Easy identification on post-implant CT images
  • Contiguous line sources for a robust implant
  • MRI compatibility
  • Homogeneous dose distribution
  • Multiple source strengths

Treatment Plans

CivaStrings can be provided with different source strengths. Because the location of the continuous sources can be readily identified on post-implant CT images, plans can be constructed using multiple  source strengths with confidence that post-implant identification and dosimetry will be straightforward.

A model CivaString pre-plan employs a regular pattern of multiple interior and peripheral sources. For small prostates, two interior and eight peripheral sources provide prescription dose coverage. For large prostates, four interior and 10-12 peripheral sources are used. For intra-operative planning, additional CivaStrings can be provided for further customization. Other novel variations of plans are being ordered that are tailored specifically for the patient.

Treatment planning can be easily set up with your current commercially developed treatment planning software.

This treatment planning approach offers several advantages:

  • Planning time is reduced because only the length and source strengths need to be determined versus traditional seed implants.
  • Fewer sources and needles also results in a quicker implant with less time in the operating room.
  • Post-implant dosimetry is usually quick because there are a small number of regularly spaced gold markers that can be identified either automatically or manually.

Utilizing variable activity strengths of CivaStrings offers other treatment plan options, such as:

  • CivaStrings with ends that are more radioactive than the center could provide better dose coverage for the base and apex of the prostate.
  • Lower strength interior CivaStrings could spare urethral dose.

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