Case Study – Prostate Cancer

Case Study - Prostate Cancer

Standard “Seed” Therapy hasn’t changed in decades

  • High Trauma (24+ Needles)
  • Long Recovery
  • Radiation Migration
  • Quality of Life Side Effects

    “Seed” therapy

 CivaString therapy

Results for patients:

  • Too much edema causes urinary toxicities
  • Sexual side effects
  • Rectal issues

Results for patients:

  • Significantly less toxicity
  • Equally effective

Prostate Registry Outcomes

Expected PSA decline indicates patients are progression free.
  • Patients return to their normal life without delay.
  • Patients maintain their quality of life after CivaString® implant.
  • No rectal toxicity
  • Sexual function was maintained and men resumed normal activities more quickly compared to other radiation therapy procedures.
What Doctors are saying:
  • There are less complaints from the patients than with other products.
  • Patients tolerate CivaString® with minimal side effects. Immediate symptoms from the procedure resolve quickly and patients routinely return to baseline function in less time than when treated with I-125.
Aim to finish recruitment by April of 2019
  • 50% of patient recruitment complete (50 of 100 patients are on trial)
  • Up to 3 year of follow up on patients

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