Innovating Localized Radiation Therapy

CivaTech Oncology® designs innovative products that bring meaningful improvements to low dose rate brachytherapy. The CivaString® and CivaSheet™ can substantially reduce procedure time, provide homogeneous dose distribution and minimize trauma. Customizable CivaTech products insure that radiation oncologists can deliver individualized, targeted therapy to treat cancer.

For Patients

Patients being treated for prostate and other cancers may benefit from the implantation of CivaTech’s unique low dose rate brachytherapy sources, available as CivaString and CivaSheet. Ask your doctor and learn more.

For Professionals

CivaTech’s novel CivaString and CivaSheet seamlessly integrate into current clinical workflows,  beginning with different imaging modalities, through treatment planning, and ending with post-implant dosimetry. Learn more.


CivaTech Oncology® Receives FDA Approval for CivaSheet™ Brachytherapy Device

Research Triangle Park, NC. September 10, 2014 – CivaTech Oncology, a medical device company dedicated to developing innovations in radiation therapy, announced today it has received FDA clearance on its groundbreaking bioabsorbable, planar radiation device. 

The implantable CivaSheet™ low dose rate (LDR) Palladium source is the only membrane-like brachytherapy device that is truly customizable to a specific patient’s condition and offers a uni-directional option to shield healthy tissue. The product was designed for use either during surgery or with standard, less invasive, implant devices.